Centre for ExcelleNce in TerRItorial management and Cadastre

Partner Official Legal Name: National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration (Agentia Nationala de Cadastru si Publicitate Imobiliara) (ANCPI)

City, Country: Bucharest, Romania

Internet address:

Partner Description


The National Agency for Cadaster and Land Registration is organized as a public institution with legal personality, under the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, partially financed from the state budget and partially self-financed ( starting 1st of September 2014), established in 2004 through the reorganization of the National Office of Cadaster, Geodesy and Cartography and by merging the Land Registry of the Ministry of Justice.

At the level of every county and in the city of Bucharest, cadaster and land registration offices are set up, as legal units which are subject to the supervision of the National Agency, through the reorganization of the actual county cadastre, geodesy and cartography offices and of the city of Bucharest and of the land book offices.

Besides the active involvement in regulating Romanian cadastre norms, ANCPI hosts a geoportal virtual tool and stands out as the national entity in charge of aligning the Romanian territory with the incentives of the INSPIRE Directive of the European Union, through the Council of National Infrastructure for Spatial Information INIS. The Directive addresses 34 spatial data themes needed for environmental applications, with key components specified through technical implementing rules. This makes INSPIRE a unique example of a legislative "regional" approach, context in which INIS Geoportal ensures interoperability and expanding the access to spatial data, metadata, web services and applications as part of the Romanian spatial infrastructure at national level.

ANCPI has strong collaboration with a series of public bodies in Romania, naming here a few of them: the National Union of Public Notaries, the National Union of Real Estate Agencies, the Romanian Banks Association, the Faculty of Geodesy, the National Company of Romanian Post, the National Union of Legal Executors, the National Union of Barr Associations in Romania.

Cadastre and land registration make up a unitary and compulsory system of technical, economic and legal records, of national importance, including all the real estate across the entire territory of the country

The integrated cadastre and land registry system, centralized national (process begun in 2006 and completed in December 2011), provides information about the real estate. The database contains information on individuals and businesses owned buildings, the date when they were acquired or transferred, the existence of certain terms relating to goods (seizure, mortgage etc.).

Since its foundation in 2004 (through the Emergency Government Ordinance 41/2004), ANCPI has made considerable efforts for the creation of a unitary, transparent, efficient and modern real property registration system.

The strategic objectives of ANCPI in view of developing a national integrated cadaster and land book system, as well as of the institutional consolidation, have led to a considerable improvement of cadaster and land registration legislation.

ANCPI carries out and it maintains the geoportal INSPIRE of Romania and ensures its compatibility with the geoportal INSPIRE of the European Union, it fulfills other obligations which it incurs via the governmental ordinance no. 4/2010 regarding the set of the National infrastructure for space information in Romania approved with the modifications and completions by Law no. 190/2010 with subsequent modifications and completions.


Experience in related projects


ANCPI has been involved in numerous international projects related to GIS mapping and cadastre related issues:

  • GLOBAL MAPPING - The main objective of this project is referring to bring together mapping and cadastral organization in order to develop and facilitate easy and free access to global digital geographical information at scale 1:1000000.
  • EUROGLOBALMAP - EUROGLOBALMAP is achieving a seamless and harmonized topographical digital data set at the scale 1:1000000, being produced in cooperation by the National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies of Europe, using official National Databases.
  • EUROREGIONALMAP - The main objective of the project is creating a multifunctional reference data set at scale 1:250000, having a seamless and harmonized feature using the official national databases. It is produced in cooperation by the National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies of Europe, based on formal agreements signed by partners.
  • EURO DIGITAL ELEVATION MODEL (EURODEM) - The main objective of the project is a digital representation of the ground surface topography of Europe, (not including 'first surface' elevations such as vegetation and man made structures). At present, the product has been launched on the market. EuroDem v1.0 is available and covers the 27 countries of the European Union as well as Croatia, Kosovo, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Moldova and Kaliningrad area.
  • ESDIN Project - „Underpinning the European Spatial Data Infrastructure with a Best Practice Network”


Brief description of the role within the project


ANCPI will give a substantial contribution to the entire WP01 having a in-depth knowledge of the territory object where the future Centre will be located. Subsequently it will be involved in “front line” of the WP02 defining the scientific strategy and the innovation cluster of CENTRIC. In WP03 ANCPI will work at T.3.1, T.3.4, T.3.5, T.3.6 working on the definition on the administration service, IPR management, contracts models and the preparation of the staff calls. The WP04 will engage ANCPI totally with all the aspects of the financial planning, SWOT analysis and partnership. Finally in the WP05 ANCPI will follow as coordinator of other partners the project coordination and the risk management.