Partner Official Legal Name: INI-NOVATION GmbH (INI-NOVATION)

City, Country: Hessen, Germany

Internet address:


Partner Description


INI-NOVATION is an international business consulting company with a focus on innovation management and technology commercialization. The company has been providing tailored services to three different lines of clients:

Local governments: INI-NOVATION consults governments across the globe in the construction of innovation policies and the development of strategies as well as business and sustainability concepts for technology and innovation entities.

Universities and R&D institutes: INI-NOVATION actively transfers research results to markets by consulting research and innovation oriented institutions in the area of technology evaluation, exploitation and valorisation. We develop individual commercialization strategies for carefully selected technologies and support in the creation of knowledge based spin-off companies.

Private companies: Offering services and expertise in the area of technology transfer and innovation management, INI-NOVATION focuses on entrepreneurship qualification and the creation of high-tech start-ups. INI-NOVATION supports SMEs in their development, while at the same time provides services for internationalization.

INI-NOVATION's activities are continuously extended at an international level through our subsidiaries and partners all over the world.

INI-NOVATION has a wide partnership network of venture capitalists, technology, market, and licensing and entrepreneurship experts. Our partner experts participate actively in the screening and exploitation processes. Thus we offer our clients customized consulting, to cater to their individual requirements. INI-NOVATION's Network opens a great opportunity to provide our partners with experiences for expansion of their business activities into other countries.


Experience in related projects


INI-Novation shall contribute its vaste experiences in the development of innovative ecosystems. Its Managing Director, Wolfgang Kniejski, earned international recognition through the establishment of research centers, technology and science parks, incubators, technology transfer offices and spin-off companies all over the world (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Germany; CESAH = ESA Incubator, Germany; GraphicsMedia Net – Network for co-operation in applied R&D; et al.). He and his team will function as key expert for CENTRIC’s business concept development, for its access to an international network of partner organisations and for the development of sustainable future operations. The close liaison of INI to EIT ICT Labs will allow to link CENTRIC into EIT ICT Labs innovation outreach activities and to set up multi-level collaboration between science and vusiness communities.


Brief description of the role within the project


INI will conduct strategic analysis tasks to contribute to the definition of the vision, the mission and the goals of CENTRIC. The analysis’ results will be important input for different elements of the business plan, such as needs and requirement analysis, marketing and dissemination strategy, business concepts and sustainability models, marketing and PR concepts and activities, technology transfer and licensing, awareness raising campaigns, impact analysis as well as planning of resources and financial planning. In this capacity INI will be leader of WP4 and will also support other related work packages and tasks.

The long term interest of INI-Novation will be to establish a network of partner organisations around CENTRIC in order to reflect transnational partnerships along the value-generation chain of research, development and transfer of innovation into markets. In addition, INI-Novation will support the measures to achieve sustainable operations of CENTRIC and long-lasting international reputation, e.g. through collaboration with highly recognised organisations such as Fraunhofer Institute IGD in Germany or the European Business Incubation Centres Network EBN in Belgium.

INI will define an initial three-year expansion phase beyond the funding provided by the EC based on creation of further CENTRIC nodes abroad. This way CENTRIC will further consolidate its role by becoming the centre of a more articulated framework, capable to promote synergies its member institutes.