Partner Official Legal Name: Provincia Autonoma di Trento –Servizio Catasto PAT

City, Country: Trento, Italy

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The Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT), Italy can claim a truly unique historic and cultural identity, codified in the form of a special institutional autonomy granted after the Second World War (1946) in a specific agreement signed by Italy and Austria. In Trentino all the most important political decisions are taken locally, rather being referred to central Government; hence economic decisions are made rapidly, on the basis of the specific characteristics of the area and with the objective of promoting excellence. The financial resources and wealth produced remain within Trentino and are managed by the provincial government.

Bureaucratic procedures in Trentino, streamlined and effective, also benefit from Provincial autonomy and are inspired more by the bureaucratic system in the Anglo-Saxon world than by the Mediterranean model, guaranteeing rapid and effective responses according to a clearly defined timescale. The province has a strong legislative and administrative autonomy within the institutional framework of the Italian state which allows a directly manage of almost all of the skills that govern the life of the region; among these are those inherent in the Cadastre Trentino which differs technically from the one existing in other Italian regions. Servizio Catasto (Cadastre Service) is part of a public body, the Autonomous Province of Trento, and its aim is to update land maps, to approve subdivision of existing properties, and to carry out verification in situ. Until 1918, in fact, the province was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, namely the Land of Tirol. In the area, it is still in force and used the Austrian land registration, license institution sovereign with Francesco I of Austria of 23/12/1817. After the war, the General Directorate of Italian Land Registry, confirming the high level of the Austrian legislation, kept it in operation, having regard to its specificity and connection with the Land Register.


Brief description of the role within the project


The PAT, and in particular the Cadastre Service, will have an important role in the WP02 focusing, in particular, on the best practice of the land registry identification and declaring the existing and innovation landscape. During WP03, PAT will work at the definition of a joint mobility program. Their working experience will be crucial in the WP04 for the creation of long-term partnership with other stakeholders.


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