Partner Official Legal Name: Institutul Naţional de Cercetare-Dezvoltare in Construcţii, Urbanism şi Dezvoltare Teritorială Durabilă (National Institute for Urban Planning and Sustainable Territorial Development) (URBAN-INCERC)

City, Country: Bucharest, Romania

Internet address: http://www.incd.ro

Partner Description


INCD URBAN-INCERC is a National Research and Development Institute specialized in constructions and economy of buildings, urban and territorial planning, as well as habitat and sustainable development, the only national R&D institute of its kind in Romania, with national and international recognition (IAFOR, IAESTE, RED, ENBRI, UEAtc, WFTAO, EOTA). Its more than 100 researchers are carrying out studies to substantiate the European and Romanian policies regulating constructions and spatial planning. The research in its areas of expertise is carried within national programmes (National Research, Development and Innovation Plan, studies funded by the central and local administration) and international research (NATO, SEE, ESPON, FP7).

The Institute promotes the development of strategic solutions, the analysis and transfer of best practices and the optimisation of realisation processes. Publications, conferences and panels serve the transfer of knowledge and the dialogue with an informed public.

Becoming the National Dissemination Point for the URBACT Programme in 2012 year has further helped URBAN-INCERC to keep its reputation as a respected voice and important information and knowledge sharing network for urban planners. The URBAN-INCERC Institute keeps up an intensive exchange of ideas and experience between practitioners and researchers and cooperates within national and European networks.


Experience in related projects


The URBANPROIECT branch was involved in a series of RTD projects, such as European projects under CADSES or SEE Program, or internal projects, having in common the use of the GIS technology in urban and spatial activities. The international experience includes trans-national and cross-border cooperation projects, developed under European research and development programs, the South-East Europe and the ESPON Programs. In this context, are mentioned some of the achieved projects: “Transnational Strategy for the Sustainable Territorial Development of the Danube Area with special regard to Tourism” – DATOURWAY (South-East Europe), “Climate Change and Territorial Effects on Regions and Local Economies in Europe” – ESPON CLIMATE (ESPON), “Tisa Catchment Area Development” – TICAD (South-East Europe), “Spatial Development of Interregional Co-operation in the Danube Space” DONAUREGIONEN+ (INTREREG IIIB and SEE), “From Army to Entrepreneurship” – FATE (SEE).


Brief description of the role within the project


During WP01, URBAN will lead general publications, liaising and other possible initiatives. In WP02 URBAN will play a key role contributing to the definition of a scientific strategy and innovation path. During WP03 the main task will be the creation of an education and training plan and the programming of joint mobility programme. Similarly to the other partners, URBAN will work at the strategic roadmap and other financial aspects of WP04.


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Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union


Ionut Virlan


Splaiul Independenței nr.202 A, sector 6, 060022 Bucuresti (Romania)

tel: (+4) 0755 089 898